462 Hampton Street
Hampton 3188
9598 9396
Fazio’s first opened on the 16th of December 1993, originally with myself and my brothers, Frank and Tony. We felt there was a need for a restaurant in the Hampton area that offered a more traditional style of not only food but service. We hinged our marketing around the fact that we were going to cook our pizza's in a wood fired oven rather than the gas or electric ovens that were the norm around Melbourne at that time. Infact the only other wood oven was at The Stoke House in St Kilda, an oven that my brother Tony had helped set up when he got back from Italy. Tony had worked in a pizza restaurant in our home town for about 2 years and had a pretty good understanding of how they worked.

While the restaurant was being renovated (we had bought an existing business) and the oven was being built instead of covering the windows and hiding what we were doing we let people see what was going on, creating an interest and anticipation. This simple marketing ploy worked quite well because by the time we opened there was enough interest around the area that our very first trading days were busy.

Aswell as the woodfired pizzas, we also had a range of food that was more typical of the area where our parents came from (Coastal Sicily) rather than the norm at the time which was based around Northen Italian Cuisine. Our food was simpler, relied on seasonal ingredients and basic cooking techniques, after all the average Italian person would only eat Lasagne on special occasions rather than a daily staple.

Fazio’s is still in the same location some 17 years later and we’re still feeding the locals (and some not so local), the ownership has however changed, Tony left first having enough of the restauranteurs life, he started a business producing on a wholesale level some of the food we sold through the restaurant, he supplied deli’s, wholesalers and other restaurants. Tony sold that business after several years and setup the very successful Ragazzi restaurant in Middle Park.

My brother Frank also decided to move on and after several months considering his options and a trip to Italy he also got back in to the industry with Francesca’s in North Brighton, Frank has since sold that restaurant and is now lecturing in hospitality. The students are in good hands Frank was the best front of house person I ever worked with and taught me everything I know.

So it’s just me now although Both Frank and Tony and our sister Grace who has worked tirelessly for all of us come back to helpout on occasion, these are always happy and funny times.

Our product still adheres to our original premise of fresh produce, cooked simply and served in a friendly but professional manner, our product range has grown the menu is bigger and some 15 years ago we aquired a liquor license so we now also serve alcohol and have added a catering division which grew out of a desire of our patrons to have our food served in their homes. We also now provide cooking classes, as usual we do things a little bit differently as we conduct them in the comfort of peoples homes.

Staff levels have changed dramatically over the years, in 1996 we expanded the seating capacity of Fazio’s from 40 to 75 this required more people to run it, we now operate with about 20 staff.